ArtDrive in Tenindewa

ArtDrive is a self-drive tour that takes explorers on a colourful journey throughout the Midwest during Wildflower season from August 2016. There are twenty-two different art installations along the route, with each one centred around a theme of rural life, wildflowers or Aboriginal culture. Tenindewa was lucky to host 4 installations at the stockyards and around the Tenindewa Store.

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Photos by James Thompson of Zutavia Photo

Stop 19 – Jenna McGregor – Wheels of the Wildflower Country

Geraldton-Mount Magnet Rd – Tenindewa Stockyards
As a farmer’s wife Jenna McGregor understands the significant role these wheels would have played in for the generations before us. Stories of farming years gone by, now often used as nothing more than a garden ornament. They can be found scattered through farming land or wildflower country and still attached to rusted, outdated machinery of a forgotten era.

Stop 20 – Roxanne Grant – Tenindewa Standing

Tenindewa-Yuna Road – Tenindewa Store precinct
This artwork is influenced by Roxanne Grant’s recent fascination for standing stones and manmade structures other than churches that can vibrate with past meaning. Roxanne is curious about how we romanticise about the origins and uses of “magical locations” and she has used old pillars from a local bridge to form the circle and beer bottle tops to represent the everlasting flower. Two discarded parts of our culture to celebrate the magic of the wild flower season.

Stop 21 – Chris Bolton – All That Glitters

Tenindewa-Yuna Road – Tenindewa Store precinct
21 These shiny, handmade everlastings have been driven by the never ending supply of aluminium cans that glitter, and litter every roadside. Unlike the everlasting flowers which carpet our landscape and vanish with the change of seasons, Chris Bolton’s flowers challenge the idea “All that glitters is gold”. Unfortunately, the continued exploitation of resources becomes the bitter discarded sequins which embellish our roadsides.

Stop 22 – Jane Beck – Banksia Bouquet

Tenindewa-Yuna Road – Tenindewa Store precinct
Jane Beck is fascinated by the tenacity of our Australian wildflowers; thriving in a harsh environment with such spectacular diversity. The Banksia had been her inspiration, with its harshness of shapes, seedpods blackened by fire and yet relying on that fire to germinate new life. Beck enjoys the sustainable mindset of recycling found objects and has used a mixture of metal objects and rope to emphasise strength and resilience; the natural timber speaks to the organic beauty of the Banksia.


  1. Thanks to those creative and industrious artists for keeping Tenindewa on the map

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