Nat Rumble

Nathan Rumble


Nathan Rumble was the half-brother of Alexander Knox Rumble

They came to Tenindewa at the very beginning of the time farms were being allocated land there and (to a degree) were educated at the Tenindewa School.

Extract from “Tenindewa Notes” Geraldton Express 1928
A Fine New House
You have often heard the old rhyme “This is the House that Jack Built”, well, you will want to see the house that Nat built at Tenindewa—absolutely out on its own. It’s a mansion built of cement bricks, and costing in the neighborhood of 2000 pounds ($4,000.00) for Mr. Nat Rumble, who is to be married shortly, believes that now he has caught his canary, he should cage it worthily. Furthermore, it plainly shows that he has implicit faith in Tenindewa.

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