Francis Henry Critch was a loyal employee of the Geraldton “Express” for over 40 years.
He held the positions of Foreman, Printer and Manager in that time. He had come to the “Express” from the Fremantle Express.
One of his sons, Leo, was among the first settlers in the Tenindewa area, 78 kilometers east of Geraldton, in the early 1900s and during the span of about 30 years he (seemingly) moonlighted for the Express mainly under the pseudonym of (Our Own Correspondent)

The following are from a plethora of articles, many of which he very possibly contributed during that time?

Note; All Tenindewa Rainfall data for the years 1908 to the current time is available on one of the following BOM site location numbers …Tenindewa Store (08120) Tenindewa North (08128) Tenindewa South West (08237)
Go to BOM…Go to Past weather…Go to Data and Graphs…Enter one of the location numbers eg 08120

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