Margaret Alice Pumphery (nee Baker)

A letter to Doreen Butler (1965) from a Rumble family descendant

I, Margaret Alice Pumphery (nee Baker), [am the] daughter of Evertine (nee Cousins) and Terence Baker.

Evertine was daughter of Emma and George Cousins and [going back] Emma was the daughter of James and Ellen Rumble.

I was born in the Tenindewa School on the 9th of July 1929. I had two brothers, Bill Baker (born 1926) and Colin Baker, (born 1927) who were both born in Geraldton

80 Milina St, Hillman 6168

The School as it was at that time (This is the eastern end of the building. A tank was added to the north western corner later)

This letter came out of the blue and there has been no other correspondence either way since its arrival.

Does anybody have any light they can throw on this story??

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